Top tallies of YOUR favorite pix!

Andree Richmond, “Trawler with Frog”, glazed ceramic

Mary Demroske, ‘Great Lakes Fishing Tug’ oil painting

Randall Sexton, ‘Golden River,’ oil

Anton Krajnc, bronze, ‘Finisterra’ detailboatmoves

Frank Gardner, oil, “The Constance Sea”

Elton Bennett, ‘Ship’ or ‘Ghost’

Ed Labernik, watercolor, ‘Aiding the Mack’

Ed Labernik, watercolor, ‘Turning to Port’

Gloria Miller Allen, watercolor, ‘Andrew II’

Andrew Ballantyne, ‘Four Sisters, Moss Landing,’ oil on canvas

“Rust Buckets” watercolor by Karlyn Eckman

Paul Blaine Henrie, painting, ‘Evening in Puerto Renario’

Raine Bedsole, sculpture, ‘Remembering Boat’

Robert Tandecki, ‘The Birds Yet,’ watercolor

Brian Blood, ‘Morning with Diana,’ oil

“… Boston Lightship” John Hutchinson, watercolor

Dale Chihuly "Boat Loop"

“Loop Boat” Dale Chihuly, glass

“Winter Quarters” illustration, Christina Sun

“City of Milwaukee” wood-carving, Patrick Pointer

Martin Machado "Drifters of Bristol Bay"

“Drifters of Bristol Bay” , mixed media, Martin Machado

“Fire Boat on the River” Annie Strack, watercolor

“New York” watercolor by Dong Kingman

“Boat in Malaya” watercolor, Dong Kingman

“Low Country”, watercolor,  by Robert Yonke

“The Gulf Stream”, watercolor,  by Winslow Homer

“Sardine Barge”, watercolor,  by Armin Hansen

“I will sleep in the fall”, acrylic by Timothy Wood

“Fishing Fleet, San Francisco”, watercolor,  by Wilma Parker