"USCG 2001" watercolor by Annie Strack

“I paint the places and things that I know, places that I love. If home is where the heart is, then each of these paintings is my home.” –Annie Strack

Today’s maritime artist has wandered the world, beginning from her native place, Naples, Florida, and covering the globe. Anywhere water is, seems like home to her, then.

"COGAP Cape Lookout" watercolor by Annie Strack

Strack is another artist whom I met first at the old Art Scuttlebutt online forum, where she posted many ideas and announcements that truly aimed to benefit her fellow artists. Here her serious dedication and tireless activity stood out among the others for me.

"USCG, On the Look Out" watercolor by Annie Strack

During her early years in art studies, numerous media were presented, but early on watercolor emerged as the favorite.  She uses this transparent pigment to build up multiple layers of washes in the feat called glazing. The reason for all this care is to add depth and complexity to the color.

Annie Strack demonstrating her techniques

While she pursued her art education for years, her mentors cautioned her against aspiring to a professional career for economic reasons. They stopped her dreams for a while, but not her constant pursuit of painting. Constantly traveling and collecting painting ideas, Strack proclaims she has “always been an artist; I can’t remember the first time I picked up a brush or created my first work of art.” 

"Gypsy" watercolor by Annie Strack

The needs of her community is never out of Strack’s mind for long. She has qualified as an Official Authorized Artist for the U.S. Coast Guard, where she may accompany units on the job to get subject matter for her paintings.  Then these are displayed at museums, galleries, and patriotic events as outreach, communicating the goals and mission of the service. Strack also works hard to help other artists improve their skills. This involves feature writing and editing at Art Calendar Magazine. Here she is gratified by readers’ messages of appreciation about the effect of her articles on their creativity and their careers.

She serves the art world as a watercolor instructor–and as a teacher in the business and marketing side of the artist’s life. In support of this activity she wrote The Artists Guide to Business and Marketing. Also her television program, “Painting Seascapes in Watercolor,” is broadcast on over eighty televisions stations worldwide as well as available on DVD.

"Fire Boat on the River" watercolor by Annie Strack

“Art and Fear” is not just a phrase to her. While she worked in the jewelry business for a while, a terrible life-and-death moment came when she faced armed robbers on the job. In that instant her priorities changed. She realized that pursuing her art full time was the only way for her from now on. Maritime art is the better for that decision!

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