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  • NEW NEWS!  My boat paintings are now on view and for sale at Gallery House, 320 S California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94306. Phone, 650-326-1668, open to the public, 11 am-?, Tuesday through Sunday.

Because of changing times and tides, BOAT ART blog is no longer active. But I have left it for you to visit and enjoy if you will. If my own maritime paintings and drawings are your interest, you can find me for now at Facebook by my full name, Carol Lois Haywood. Or visit my new blog on my new artistic pursuit, human portraits in pastel at Silicon Valley Types.

Biography. Carol has painted small commercial fishing boats along the Pacific coast for over twelve years. Her insight into their design has grown alongside her knowledge about the small-is-beautiful way of life they support. Drawing and design were part of her early education, through special youth classes at John Herron Art Institute in Indianapolis, Indiana. She continued her study of art during high school–and then as a working adult in college classes and workshops. However she only began using watercolor decades later, but this has proved to be her favorite medium!

Her early contact with independent commercial fishermen like an Evansville, Indiana neighbor was short-lived but important, influencing her lasting dedication to the subject. In the past her “day job” has meant working as a social service executive, a community college instructor, and an ordained Christian minister. Now art is center stage as her vocation, one she has worked at happily since 1999.In 2004 Carol’s first solo exhibit of watercolors was held in Petaluma, California; and she has mounted several others since that time.

Her “Blue Berry: the one-in-a-million lobster” picture brought her second place in the 2007 Fish Follies in Cordova, Alaska. Her “Lolling Trawler” took third in the 2007 Sunnyvale Art Club Member Show. Her paintings have also been shown in the International Waters Exhibit at the Ventura County Maritime Museum, Oxnard, CA; in the Annual Maritime Art Exhibit at the Coos Art Museum, Coos Bay, Oregon; and at the SALMON AID festival in Oakland, California in 2009 and 2010.

Carol’s interest in art curation and in local history combined to produce an exhibit, “Art from the Archives” for the Sunnyvale Historical Museum recently.  For this she also wrote a catalog and an essay explaining the art in terms of regional changes.When not traveling from port to port in search of inspiration, Carol lives in Sunnyvale, California, with her husband Robert C. Field, silicon valley software developer.

The BOAT ART blog comes out of this artist’s desire to honor other maritime artists so their work can be known more widely and enjoyed.  She especially enjoys portrayals of working boats and crews, a sympathy that will probably affect which artists you see featured in here at BOAT ART.