Andree Richmond, ceramic artist, creates these charming boats on wheels with various creatures operating them. All are about 5″ high, 7″ long, more or less, although a few come in a double-sized version as well.

“Trawler with Frog”, glazed ceramic by Andree Richmond

Her art is about balance, she says, in part expressed in the wheels.They also make them seem toylike, the plaything of toddlers, although they are far too fragile for that in real life.

But I think I see, “Aren’t ‘boys with their toys’ amusing?”  in them. –What about you?

For your pleasure, numerous galleries and public venues have Richmond’s creations on display. Her pieces carry artistic merit and have subtle ideas behind them.

(exhibits) Arizona State University Art Museum, Tempe, AZ; Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Phoenix, AZ; Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston, TX; (galleries) Carolina Creations, New Bern, NC; Chiaroscuro Gallery,  Chicago, IL; The Collectors Gallery, Raleigh, NC;  Show of Hands, Denver, CO; The Real Mother Goose,  Portland, OR; Vision Gallery, Atlantic Beach, NC.

While this medium is unusual for maritime art, I sometimes like to introduce you to something you may not have thought of before. Richmond also creates similar ceramic figures with other vehicles as subjects. Visit her website for more pictures and possibilities.