Anton Krajnc began to study art at the Viennese Academy of Fine Arts in Austria and continued at Accademia Raffaello in Italy. Emigration from Slovenia to the US meant we now get the benefits of his excellent art preparation–in ambitious maritime sculpture, as well as other projects in other media.

‘Finisterra’ by Anton Krajnc, against an Arizona sunset

Anton Krajnc with his ‘Finisterra’

‘Finisterra’ [‘Land’s End’] makes up just one phase of an ongoing project. The word specifically refers to the last stop along the ancient, 600-mile Christian pilgrimage in the north of Spain. It represents the pivot point, where land ends and ocean begins, but also symbolizes the new journey that always follows the finish of the old.

This pilgrimage of Saint James is one Krajnc has taken himself of course.

Krajnc explains, “Untying a boat/himself from a heart-shaped rock, the Man is standing with one foot on solid ground, in the past, the other foot on the boat, about to slip away.”

Best read the rest of Krajnc’s  interpretations of this bronze  for yourself, where he reveals one detail after another and helps relate each to the whole idea. He plans seven in this series installed around the world.  This Austro-American often migrates between his Slovenian winery estate and his Arizona studio.