Elton Bennett, ‘Quiet Place’

This 20th-century serigraph artist was the original source of the images by which everyone recognizes the Pacific Northwest. But more amazing, they do the same for the residents themselves!

Still, the Hoquiam, Washington native met resistance to his becoming an artist that would have overwhelmed most others. Elton Bennett had to struggle to get art training; he had to find a sympathetic life partner.

He had to attend art classes alongside a younger generation. He had to persist with an unpopular style and medium that spoke to him. Bennett had to keep his blue-collar day jobs for more than a decade before he could afford to give himself full time to art!

This artist found ways to make his work accessible and affordable for ordinary people. The serigraph technique allowed him to create as many variations of color and composition for each subject as he wanted, through the silkscreen process.

His current trustees protect his online pictures with measures that prevent my showing his most popular works here–or any in high resolution. So go to his art website to feel the true beauty of his works!