Sculptor Raine Bedsole has roots both in the San Francisco Bay Area and New Orleans, Louisiana. Originally from Mobile, Alabama, she studied at Auburn University and San Francisco Art Institute. Since the early 1990’s in her French Quarter studio she has explored themes of boat, oar, and person.

“We’re all trying to get home,” said this young artist in particular about her “Singing Boat.” This steel outdoor structure,  made to rust over time, occupies a popular suburban spot in New Orleans. It was erected for the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. In its way it refers to the ancient Odyssey, an epic poem about a naval captain’s ten-year struggle to return home. Quotes from the poem are punched into the structure.

Another boat, hers and part of the same New Orleans project, is “Remembering Boat” sculpture at West End Park. Bedsole’s fame and honor has spread from local to include the global. The USA’s  Art in the Embassies project also includes her work. While her best known medium is metal sculpture, she also works in wood or on paper.

PUBLIC VENUES. Besides visiting her public art on view in New Orleans, you may see more at Gallery Bienvenu in New Orleans, the Cumberland Gallery, Nashville, Tennessee, and Wade Wilson’s Gallery, Houston, Texas.

WEBSITE. Keep up with the artist at her own website online. There her own statement (click BIO) about this series reads like poetry itself! Note that much of her work is on sale online here.