North Tower Nocturne by Michael Reardon

Late Bulletin! Per Margan Mulvihill, the exhibit including favorite Golden Gate watercolorist Michael Reardon will be held over during June at the George Krevsky Gallery, 77 Geary Street, San Francisco, phone: 415-397-9748!

South Anchorage, Golden Gate Bridge Two, by Michael Reardon

This award-winning artist and avid traveler is inspired to create by landscapes and architecture from around the world. Using his thirty years as an architectural illustrator,  he creates art of growing popularity, most in a engaging vertical format and unique color palette of blues and purples. If you can’t get to San Francisco, visit his website and blog.

South Anchorage, Golden Gate Bridge, by Michael Reardon

Sorry for my absence lately, taken up with my own Open Studio event–CLH