Christina Sun "Winter Quarters"

This week’s artist and blogger Christina Sun hails from New York City’s “sixth borough”! Never heard of that?

Christina Sun "Petapsco"

It’s the New York Harbor, the incredible body of waters surrounding the great northeastern metropolis (the nickname was coined by Will Van Dorp Tugster and one of her closest friends). Anyway these waterways rise in the estuary at the mouth of the Hudson River and empty into New York Bay, eventually into the Atlantic Ocean. This feature creates one of the largest natural harbors in the world.

Christina Sun "Bel-Espoir, Bounty"

Urges the artist, “Our waters are amazing! Our waters have protected, nurtured, nourished us, and still today, bring us much of what we need to survive, flourish! ” She began her blog “with the hope of showing people what is there, what goings-ons are, on the water and the waterfront, in hopes of drawing people to the water.” Her blog Bowsprite mixes illustration with comic commentary, always with a maritime flavor. One of her latest presents a comic panel  called “Balls“: here she explores highly topical dilemmas in the display of nautical signals. Another is about Sailor Yoga.

Christina Sun, nautical illustrator: "I cover the waterfront..."

Like so many maritime artists, Sun has done crew time herself, for example  on the Survey Boat Michele Jeanne[Excuse earlier and mistaken references to visits to the Patasco or crewing on the Pioneer. They were wrong.] Enjoy the hijinks of Christina Sun. Become a fan like me!–CLH