"Sodium Vapor - New Bedford" 18x14" acrylic on canvas by Timothy Wood

One of the most generous and enthusiastic art colleagues I have met is Timothy Wood of southern Vermont! At the old Art Scuttlebutt website (now long gone) several years ago, our common interest in maritime art brought us together and we kept in touch. This, through numerous ups-and-downs for both, not to speak of the distance.

What makes his work unique is his fascination with scenes usually bustling with human activity but captured by him in noiseless night-time darkness. When they’ve turned off the lights and gone home, Wood is around, absorbing his impressions for the next painting, hovering to seize another “Edward Hopper” moment  (such as Hopper’s  famous “Nighthawks” painting).

"I will sleep in the fall" 12x 24 acrylic on canvas by Timothy Wood

Subjects like the coastal harbors and small villages of New England are his favorites:

"CO Tug", 16 x 20" acrylic on board by Timothy Wood

“Painting downtown Brattleboro is very similar to depicting the well worn fishing vessels of the coast in the sense that both offer a sense of history. It is this sense of passing time that I am after in all my paintings,” says Tim.

About his nocturnal passion, he says, “There is something very quiet and relaxing about nightime, I am always after that serene feeling when I paint. There is enough chaos in the world and I want the work to speak to a calmer place and time.”

Recently his work has been on view at Galanes Vermont Gallery, 116 Main St, Brattleboro, Vermont  05301-3032, phone: (802) 254-5677. In addition, he displays his originals at Grace Cottage Hospital in Townshend, VT, donating a percentage of any sale made there to support the Grace Cottage Foundation.

"Heading Out" 9x12" watercolor on canvas by Timothy Wood

Besides fishing boats and tugboats, other art subjects are trains and Vermont town scenes. Also, Wood sometimes creates custom graphic finishes for guitars and basses, pictures of which can be seen at his art website. He himself also has played serious bass guitar with a group of local musicians. But his nightlife doesn’t stop with looking for inspiration and playing in the band. Wood works as night nurse (what else) at the hospital near his home.

Lately Wood has broadened into painting a few daylight scenes, where he can delve into greater visual detail. He plans to hit the harbors in wintertime this year, for more inspiration and observation of snowy effects there among the boats. If this wasn’t enough, he is finishing a new art/music studio for himself that is northlit.  And in the public honors department, for the third year running Wood created a Christmas card for the Ocean Marine Insurance Agency of Warwick, Rhode Island.

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